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Studentcentral was upgraded in June 2014 to the most recent version available at that time. The upgrade included many new features and bug fixes. The studentcentral upgrade included enhancements to the interface using modern web technologies such as HTML5, improved styling with CSS and code libraries such as JQuery.

The web technology enhancements are best supported in new web browser versions. Internet Explorer (IE) Version 9, while not old, can be set-up to be compatible with legacy websites. You may find that Internet Explorer with Compatibility View turned on has some quirks which affect the display of studentcentral and other web sites.

For studentcentral, we recommend that you use a recent version Firefox.

If you do wish to use Internet Explorer Version 9 then we suggest you turn off the Compatibility view in Internet Explorer for better viewing of studentcentral.

The information below shows you how to check whether Compatibility View is turned on and how to turn it off. You may wish to watch a short video which demonstrates how to turn off compatibility view in Internet Explorer version 9

Is Compatibility View turned on.

  • Select the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.
  • Look at the Compatibility View item in the Tools menu

If a tick appears next to Compatibility View then it is turned on. You can see that in the image below that compatibility view is turned on. This setting will adversely affect the display of studentcentral in Internet Explorer.

Compatibility view enabled in IE9

If you select the compatibility view menu item (above) you may find that you are not able to remove the tick and therefore are unable to turn this feature off.

 How to turn off Compatibility View

  • Go to the Tools menu
  • select Compatibility View settings.

The following dialogue box will appear

Compatibility view settings dialogue box

  • At the bottom of the dialogue box, remove the ticks from the following items:

Display Intranet sites  in Compatibility View – remove tick
Display all websites in Compatibility View – remove tick

The following item is unlikely to affect studentcentral as is not a site registered with Microsoft.

Include updated website lists from Microsoft

If you are unsure what to select, leave this item ticked. This means other external sites that are registered with Microsoft will have Compatibility View turned on. 

  • Click the Close button

Once you have changed the Compatibility View settings, you should now be able to turn off (or turn on) compatibility view.

  • Go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer
  • Select the Compatibility View item.

Selecting the Compatibility View item is a toggle action and the tick will either appear or disappear. Selecting the same item again will reverse the change.

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