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I have added a page to this blog featuring a Blooms Taxonomy of Apps for iOS. This new diagram is inspired by app lists based on the Blooms App Taxonomies by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano and Dave Mileham. This version is specific to the University of Brighton and includes some apps which are institutionally supported as well as other popular apps with solid track records which are currently used at the university. The apps which I selected for the taxonomy are based upon my experiences from running app swaps at Falmer, however I am really interested to find out what other folks think of my choices. Am I missing your favourite app? If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please post them in the comments area below. This is the first draft! Please note: the Taxonomy is interactive and may take a little while to load based on your web connection speed.

(Please note: The Blooms Taxonomy of Apps has been updated as of Jan 2016)

I have been working in the Educational Technology field within Higher Education for eleven years. A big part of my job is finding new and innovative ways of integrating technology into current teaching and learning methodology. This can include assisting academic staff with Virtual Learning Environments/Learning Management Systems (Blackboard), implementing specific software packages, maximising current technologies and championing new ones. I find this profession both riveting and rewarding. I really enjoy life on the cutting edge, but I also enjoy being able to help staff achieve small and meaningful efficiencies; sometimes that makes all the difference.

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5 comments on “Blooms Taxonomy of Apps for iOS
  1. Tim says:

    This is an excellent resource, Fiona. Nice work! I may re-post on my BSMS blog, if that’s ok?

  2. angela green says:

    Hi Fiona
    I think looks like an interesting idea, but for some reason the link doesnt appear to be working. Can you provide me with the link. Have you published anything around blooms taxonomy and apps? Perhaps we could chat further.

    Best wishes


    • Fiona Macneill says:

      Hi Angela, sorry to keep you waiting on this. Thank you for alerting us to the issue with the Blooms Taxonomy link. We are currently revamping our version of the Blooms App taxonomy and will post it on the blog very soon. Sorry, term-start has held this up a bit. Thanks for getting in touch, Fiona

    • Tucker MacNeill says:

      Hi Angela, we’ve updated the “Blooms Taxonomy of Apps” and ‘hopefully’ all the apps and links are correct now. (As of January 7th, 2016)

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