App Swaps – the idea is catching on

The Digital Skills Team at the University of Salford has recently launched their App Swap Club, and kindly credited the University of Brighton as their inspiration.

Click here for more details about how they’ve taken the idea and added their own.

I am part of the Learning Team and am based at the Eastbourne campus

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2 comments on “App Swaps – the idea is catching on
  1. Joe Telles says:

    An App Swap Club is a great idea and, judging from our initial feedback on the day, staff are really keen to share and learn from each other around this, even if it’s just a case of getting a few Apps for their first smartphone.
    We’ll looking to present our collective App recommendations in a few months, so we’re just pushing to get a high level of engagement with the blog for staff to rate Apps.
    Good work at the UCISA event too!

  2. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I plan to come up with monthly summary blog post of apps which we have swapped at each campus as companion information to our exisiting aspire reading lists. It is also my hope that will be a good way for us to strike up conversations with other HEIs who are running similar events, such as yourselves. I look forward to seeing the app recommendations which emerge from staff engagement with your blog. I am in the process of building a Blooms taxonomy of Apps list (an update of the an existing diagram which made the blogging rounds). I shall be runnning it past our staff this week, but I’ll be sure to share it on this blog as soon as I can. Also I have made a new sub-menu on our blog tab for App Swaps so that it is easier to find related posts:

    We look forward to staying in touch with you regarding all things #appswap!

#appswap app of the month – June 2016 – coming soon

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