Exceptions to Module Instances

Where it does not make sense to trigger a module instance, eg for dissertation modules with no discreet cohorts or placement modules with no content, school can choose how best to meet the minimum requirements and present the content to students.

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The suggestion would be to provide a ‘Dissertation’ content area within the existing School or Course area (whichever makes the most sense). We would prefer not to set up new areas, but this would be doable if the area could be populated from PRG (Programme) codes or batch enrolled manually by the school office, and not from module codes.

The school then has a choice of how to maintain the record that this module is an exception. They could:

  1. NOT trigger the module and maintain a list locally of module instance exceptions to be provided in case of audit.
  2. Trigger the module as normal and then set it as unavailable to students with a note in the description field stating where the content is (eg the course area or a static module area). This would need to be repeated for each instance.

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Contact your Learning Technologies Advisor to discuss the best option for your module.

Katie is the eLearning Services Manager at the University of Brighton.

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