iPad hot tips

There are many nifty time saving things you can do with your iPad, here are a few:

First of all, in Settings > General, make sure Multitasking Gestures is set to ON iPad settings












now try these …

Fast app switching

It’s not necessary to close one app and then scroll through your apps to find the one you want. Just open the iPad’s multitasking tray by swiping upwards with four fingers or double-tapping the home button.

With the multitasking tray open, swipe to the right for quick access to the screen contrast control. You can also lock and unlock the screen orientation here (tap the curly arrow button on the left).

iPad Tray





Speedy keyboarding

When making notes, it can be tediously slow inserting apostrophes and quotation marks until you discover that these things are available when you long-press the question mark/full stop key, or the exclamation mark/comma key.

iPad quotation mark






Now try the long-press on any vowel … and some of the consonants too.

Double-tapping the SHIFT key will switch on the CAPS LOCK.

Double-tapping the space bar at the end of a sentence will put in a full stop and a space.

Long-press the keyboard CLOSE button (bottom right) to move (undock) the keyboard or to split the keyboard.






Fabulous!  There are lots more tips and tricks (eg instead of using the Home button, use four or five fingers to pinch the screen to get Home) but –  Now it’s your turn


I am part of the Learning Team and am based at the Eastbourne campus

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