I need a new module set up on studentcentral

The way module areas work on studentcentral is changing this summer. Any new modules will be created as a module ‘instance’. This means a new ‘study area’ for a module will be created every time the module runs. Students will retain a record of the modules they have studied and after the last ‘clear out’ this September, students will retain access to previous study areas removing the risk of losing work.

From this summer, the Learning Technologies Advisors can no longer set up new modules and the module triggering process has been passed to your school office. This change in process ensures modules match the central records systems (SITS/CAMS).

Please speak to your school office, who will be able to trigger the new instance for your module once they have completed the work setting up the modules in CAMS.

Accessing your modules:

If you are recorded as the module leader on the central systems then you will be automatically enrolled as an Instructor. If not then speak to an existing Instructor or your school office as they will be able to enrol you.

Click here to find out about module instances.

Katie is the eLearning Services Manager at the University of Brighton.

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