New for 2012-13!

Here’s a quick summary of five important e-learning projects / developments that have taken place over the summer and some new features in software you might be using. Watch the video or click the links to find out more.

Instances & Module Menu Template

The way module areas work on studentcentral is changing for students, tutors and administrators!

‘Instances’ means a new ‘study area’ for a module will be created every time it runs, based on the information in SITS (the student registration system). Students will retain a record of the modules they’ve studied and students will no longer be ‘cleared out’ from study areas, removing the risk of losing work. This year it only affects modules with new codes.
For consistency, all new instances of modules will be based on a standard menu template. Apart from some elements of the baseline content, the new instance will be empty, giving staff the opportunity to review materials and to make decisions about what to use again and what’s not needed. This also means the end of ‘out of date’ announcements as each new instance is a fresh start.

Click here to find out more on moving to Instances.

Click here to find out more about the new module template.

Click here to find out how to copy content to new module instances.


Aspire is an online tool for creating reading lists that streamlines access to all types resources – books, e- journals, web sites and more! Aspire reading lists will be linked to students’ study areas in studentcentral.

Click here to find out more about Aspire.

Or speak to your local Information Adviser to get involved.

Turnitin & e-Submission Policy

Turnitin continues to add new features! You can now add a short audio comment when marking assignments.

e-only submission for text based assignments has been approved by LTC and Academic Board for full implementation by 2013-14, so it’s worth reviewing the e-submission policies and checking with your School as they plan to implement e-only submission.


studentfolio (Mahara)

Following a successful pilot period and evaluation, the Mahara e-portfolio tool will become a supported service in the coming academic year 2012-13. This will be known as ‘studentfolio.’

Click here to find out more about the studentfolio evaluation.


Blackboard Mobile

Push notifications are finally here! Students can now elect to receive automatic, personalised notifications delivered straight to their mobile devices to help them stay informed of items added to studentcentral.

Click here to find out more about using Blackboard Mobile Learn.


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