Turnitin GradeMark : New features

If you use the Turnitin GradeMark tool for giving feedback to your students you might be interested in three new features that Turnitin have added recently

One : Audio Feedback

If you use a microphone on your computer, you can now record a 3 minute audio feedback clip in Turnitin when you are marking a paper online as well as using the General Comments and GradeMark.  Students will be able to listen to the clip but can’t use the feature themselves for replying






How to do it

To use this tool, click the General Comments button at the bottom right of the Document Viewer and you’ll see the feature at the top.  The first time you use it you may be presented with a pop-up window asking you to Allow the feature.  Click yes to this and after a short while you should be able to use the tool.

NOTE 1 : Once you have made your recording and are happy wth it, you MUST click the Save button or else you will lose the recording.

NOTE 2 : If you continue recording up until the 3 minute limit, a message will appear explaining that the recording has stopped automatically.

NOTE 3 : When you download the GradeMark paper for archiving or reading offline, the audio recording DOES NOT download with the pdf file.  It can only be listened to when online with Turnitin.

Two : Character count

The General Comments box currently has a 5000 character limit (about 450 words).

As you type in the General Comments boxyou’ll see a character count which counts up the characters as you type. Spaces are included in the count.

Three : Strikethrough

If you use the GradeMark tool for feedback annotation, you can now strikethrough student text as well

How to do it

To do a strikethrough, select some text, then hit the backspace or delete key.  Strikethroughs added to a paper will also appear on the instructor’s sidebar Comments List.

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