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How the Student Experience Fund supported my Teaching Artists Residency at Glyndebourne

Tash Tulley graduated in 2022 as a qualified teacher after studying our (Secondary) Art and Design PGCE.

During her time at the University of Brighton, Tasha had an opportunity to complete an artist residency at Glyndebourne which allows trainee teachers a chance to create work in their own right as an artist, free from expectations of output, and to take the knowledge and confidence gained into their teaching career.

Whilst on her residency, Tasha was able to apply for the Student Experience fund, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate students a grant of up to £250.

Tasha says “The funding helped me with my travel expenses to and from the residency and contributed towards my materials costs, which gave me the means to explore and experiment with new ideas. It raised my game. Knowing someone was supporting the project only elevated my enthusiasm and drive to make my artwork the best it could be. It was humbling to know that someone else recognised the value in the experience I was presented with. It was also heart-warming to know I had support from behind the scenes from people I had never met before who seemed to believe the job I would be doing for Glyndebourne had value and worth.

“The best thing about my experience was reigniting my love for experimentation. As a teacher, I do not have a great deal of time to continue exploring my own artistic practice and the Teaching Artists Residency at Glyndebourne allowed me to do this.

“I have now established a working relationship with Glyndebourne and have recently completed further commissioned work for their campaigns for Performance for Schools. The new skills I learnt when creating the artworks have carried into my own practice and will transfer into my teaching when introducing new techniques to my students.”

Read about Tash’s residency and see more of her work, via her blog.

Find out more about the University of Brighton’s scholarship and rewards schemes on the website.

Christina Camm • January 29, 2024

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