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Head shot of Early Childhood Education and Care student Nicole Travnicek

Meet education student, Nicole Travnicek

Nicole Travnicek is currently studying for an Early Childhood Education and Care degree, we caught up with her recently to find out more about why she chose to study this subject and her experience at Brighton so far.

Why did you choose to study Early Childhood Education and Care BA(Hons)?

I chose to study my course as I wanted to top up my already existing knowledge and experience of early years education and care, and was also hoping that this would improve my income in the future. I have a great love for children and admire their imagination, curiosity, and love to learn, and want to help them to be safe and develop their full potential.

I had already worked in nurseries before studying and was able to continue working part-time. This has greatly helped me to apply the learned in practice, to experiment, and assess my provision.

What are your highlights?

I have had great experiences in student collaboration at university. We motivate each other, are not shy with compliments, and appreciate each other’s strengths in various areas. I also love learning about how the environment the child lives in impacts the child in various ways. 

 Do you feel supported studying at the University of Brighton?

The uni has very experienced and knowledgeable tutors and lecturers. I feel personally supported as our course consists of a small group of students, therefore there is plenty of opportunity for personal interaction with our tutors.

Additionally, regular meetings with my personal academic tutor allows me the possibility to discuss any challenges I experience, before them turning into bigger problems. The careers team has greatly supported me to create a professional CV, and to narrow down the area I want to work in after I graduate.

What is it like living in Brighton?

I love living in Brighton, it is a really friendly and inclusive place! There are lots of little shops, galleries, and cafes to explore and the seaside is just beautiful. Well-being is very important to me. Hence I make sure to create time for regular walks and the gym. I also meditate, which helps me a lot to focus and stress less.

What are your plans after graduating?

After graduating, I am thinking of studying a further year for a teacher’s degree. Then, I aim to combine my knowledge about holistic health and early years education and care, and possibly start a business!

Interested in studying Early Childhood Education and Care BA(hons) at Brighton? Find out more on our website.

Christina Camm • February 24, 2023

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