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trainee teachers taking part in Geography PGCE fieldwork

Delivering Geography fieldwork to local secondary schools

Trainee teachers studying on our (Secondary) Geography PGCE recently organised and delivered fieldwork to three local secondary schools, looking at sustainability, transport links, and perceptions of place around the university of Brighton and Sussex University campuses.

Each fieldwork plan was linked to the GCSE specifications of the school and considered the specific needs of the students.  It provided our trainees with an opportunity to deliver fieldwork to a small group of pupils to help develop their geographical understanding, fieldwork skills and explored a university campus, looking at the lecture theatres, library, and other facilities.

Course leader, Sharon Reilly said:

“The session gave trainees the opportunity to try out some of the ideas that they had learnt during their first phase of school-based training, February inter-placement period and from their visit to the Field Studies Council in Suffolk.

“They were able to try out questionnaires, emotional mapping, GIS and direction cards. The experience provided trainees with feedback from the school pupils, who critiqued their techniques and supported them to see how to develop their fieldwork techniques”.

One school pupil reported back: “I really enjoyed the day itself, it allowed me to expand my knowledge outside of my studies and try something new and out of my comfort zone”.

Find out more about studying (Secondary) Geography PGCE at the University of Brighton.

Christina Camm • February 20, 2023

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