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‘Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge: International Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Approaches’.

New publication: Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge: International Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Approaches.

Congratulations to international award-winning researcher, educator and author, Dr Marlon Lee Moncrieffe, on the release of his latest publication ‘Decolonising Curriculum Knowledge: International Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Approaches’.

This book offers a unique blend of writing from a broad range of international perspectives, showing interdisciplinary research approaches to decolonising curriculum knowledge. With a focus on the intellectual, emotional, economic, and political reversal of colonial injustices, the decolonial research and writing in this book challenge dominant viewpoints and assumptions of curriculum knowledge by amplifying and disseminating the knowledge and perspectives of peoples that curriculum knowledge has historically silenced and marginalized.

Profile protrait of Dr Marlon Moncrieffe

Dr Marlon Moncrieffe said “Over the last four years, I have extended my research and writing collaborations in advancing anti-racism for social justice through a unique range of global academic interdisciplinary perspectives. This work offers educational insights from the UK, Nepal, South Africa, Namibia, Australia, Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Mauritius, Poland, Russia, Norway and the Netherlands”.

This internationality provides the reader with a multitude of research themes and critical analytical perspectives for seeing how epistemic power permeates as cultural imperialism in education policies and practices across the world.

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Christina Camm • November 24, 2022

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