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Developing resources to support learning (Secondary) Geography PGCE

Trainees studying on our (Secondary) Geography PGCE recently took part in a workshop with technician, Michael Edwards, where they learnt how to develop resources using animation software on an iPad.

The idea was to create a short animation, using the type of materials that you can easily access in schools, to support the delivery of an aspect on the geography curriculum in the classroom – for example coastal processes, urban development, or river processes of plate tectonics.

Sharon Riley, course leader said “these sessions support our trainees to use their geographical knowledge and understanding to inspire and motivate learners in the classroom.

“Our trainees will be able to use these short, animated films not only on placement but as early career teachers to support learning and encourage pupils to be creative in the classroom and to develop their own animated films in schools.

Our trainees really enjoyed this activity, with one saying they felt the workshop “really challenged me to consider how I am teaching aspects of geography and breaking them down into smaller chunks.”

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Christina Camm • November 9, 2022

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