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group of art and Design PGCe trainnes standing a round a piano singing

Glyndebourne collaborative performance workshop

As part of our long-term partnership, the world-famous opera house in Glynde recently hosted a unique workshop for trainees studying (Secondary) Art and Design PGCE.

Trainees were lucky enough to be joined by opera singers in this fabulous opportunity to work on a collaborative creative piece of performance art. They learnt a lot about themselves through this workshop, as well as gaining some all-important pointers that they can take into their teaching.

The Glyndebourne Opera singers and directors gave valuable advice for the collaborative project as well as performing right in front of the group. It was such a treat, you couldn’t help but be in awe of their presence and huge talent.

Julie Howards, course leader said “it was great to be able to observe our trainees throughout the day, as they gained confidence in themselves and learnt how to use body language, voice projection and presence to communicate with others.

“They also learnt how to contribute towards team success and their role within that achievement. Most of all, it was a day of taking trainees out of their comfort zone, to have lots of fun, and laughter. It was a truly memorable, collaborative experience in a beautiful setting”.

On reflection of the day trainee’s feedback was that “they would be able to use this workshop to have more presence in the classroom” and “they learnt to have self-belief, to throw themselves into an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation and grow with confidence”.

This workshop was followed up by watching the performance for school’s opera of La Boheme on Monday 17th October.

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Christina Camm • October 12, 2022

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