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Head shot at graduation ceremony

Walker May Literature Prize

Congratulations to Holly Ayling and Keziah Langston who were recently awarded The Walker May Literature Prize at this year’s Graduation Ceremony.

The award was open to students from the School of Education and the School of Humanities and Social Science who demonstrated particular merit in literature through their performance in their children’s and adult literature modules; reading journals/performances/ICT work/presentations relating to literature and students’ personal and academic writing relating to literature.

Holly who studied Primary English Education BA(Hons) with QTS shared her enthusiasm for children’s literature with peers in taught sessions. Her contributions to group tasks and group presentations have drawn on her knowledge of literature, and she has demonstrated her commitment to creative, innovative, English teaching in which children’s literature is central.

Keziah, studied Primary Education (5–11 years) BA(Hons) with QTS and is passionate about the role that quality texts play in the teaching of English and the development of children’s literacy.

An English Subject Study student, Keziah demonstrated her commitment to creative English teaching in which children’s literature is central. Her final subject study assignment demonstrated a real depth of understanding of the importance of exploratory group talk about high-quality children’s literature.

We want to wish both of our graduates the best of luck as they embark on their next adventures as newly qualified teachers.

Christina Camm • August 4, 2022

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