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Smart Materials

A wealth of resources for education and teaching students

We pride ourselves on providing a great experience for our students and ensuring they are confident in the classroom, offering an array of facilities and resources that will support their development and learning.

student in the curriculum centre looking through resourcesCurriculum Centre

Our facilities include a curriculum centre which contains more than 30,000 specialist resources for trainee teachers including books, DVDs, games and an online catalogue. A great asset to our education and teaching students.

Specialist Classrooms

Our specialist classrooms replicate those used in schools so our trainee teachers will feel at home when they go on their school-based training and start their careers.

Teaching facilities include:

Technical services

The School of Education is very fortunate to have a technical service team on hand to provide support and access to great facilities including laser cutting, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, robots, experiments, graphic design examples, photography, programming, animation and much more!

Science related resources

Trainees are able to use equipment such as:

  • A banana piano –  the piano works when you touch one of the pieces of fruit and the metal ruler to complete the circuit. It can also be used in a classroom with a group of students holding hands to complete the circuit.
  • Smart materials –  resources include electric paint pens, DIY electro dough kits, magic levitation wands and glowing house sets which allow trainees to experiment with electronic prototypes.
  • Microscopes and slides – available for cross-curricular activities such as SciArt allowing trainees  to make a closer observation of smaller objects such as insects which are magnified by the microscope.

Maths and IT related resources

Trainees have access to resources such as:

  • Magnetic tiles – trainees can use these to learn more about geometry by creating a variety of 2D and 3D unique shapes.
  • Dash robots – programmable via block-based programming language, a great resource for using to teach about computational thinking, problem-solving, algorithms, and sensing.
  • Caterpillar robot – early years programmable robot. Programmed by changing the links in the tail – the sequence runs from head to tail.

Design and Technology resources

We have some great machines on the Falmer campus, including:

  • Laser cutter – for cutting or engraving sheet materials: paper, card, acrylic or wood up to 6mm.
  • Three-Axis CNC – for milling wood and some plastics; also able to cut shapes. You starts with a block and remove material to create shapes.
  • 3D printer –  can be used for making smaller 3D resources, lots of free designs are available on the internet. Has been used for geographic topology models, open source science hardware, and engineering models.
  • Vacuum former – for forming plastic shapes by heating and sucking the plastic over a wooden mould.
  • High-Speed Router – a spinning tool for shaping wood. Can be used to make grooves and larger areas in the wood. Also used to finish edges.
  • DLSR cameras: – used to capture high-quality images. Has multiple interchangeable lenses for different focal lengths, a great resource for trainees with photography projects.

Christina Camm • July 27, 2022

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