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Artist workshop with Michael Brennand-Wood

We were thrilled to have constructed textile artist Michael Brennand-Wood at the university on Saturday to deliver a University of Brighton Art Teachers Organisation (UBATO) workshop.

Michael Brennand-WoodMichael was UBATOs first guest artist to run a full-day workshop and he was warmly welcomed by 35 secondary and primary teachers from the region.

The aim of the day was to broaden the definition of textiles within art and design education. Participants were invited to bring along textile projects from their schools as a form of introduction and to share ideas, techniques, and expertise.

Michael generously shared concepts and fresh approaches, through demonstrations and inspirational discussions. He also shared his knowledge and valuable advice throughout the day, as he spoke individually to every participant about their artistic intentions.

Participants had access to a vast range of materials to be able to explore, experiment and be creative with. By the end of the day everyone was able to proudly show off their creations and had plenty of time to network with others attending.

Everyone went home with a massive smile on their face as well as lots of ideas to take back to their own classrooms.

Michael said: “I’ve run many workshops over the years and yours, in terms of organisation and getting everything to run so perfectly, was a real joy. Wonderful atmosphere, timed and programmed with enough space for the participants to really network.

“I thought the display of work they brought along worked very well as a point of introduction.”

Comments from participants included:

“It has been therapy – a total reignition of the forgotten artist within. Wonderful like -minded, inclusive, sharing, generous people.”

“Really enjoyable and informative. It was lovely to see such wonderful work being created across the different schools.”

“Extremely inspirational, hands-on workshop, amazing opportunity to meet new people and make, discover new techniques.”

“It is lovely to feel connected to other teachers / artists.”

We are now accepting applications for UBATO membership for the next academic year. Membership includes four workshops including one with artist Sarah GrahamFind out how you can join.

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Kerry Burnett • July 11, 2022

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