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Education BA placement opportunities

Our Education BA offers students a wide variety of enriching placement opportunities to develop key skills and enjoy unmissable experiences. During their time at Brighton, students will take part in a two-week placement in their first year, followed by an eight-week extended placement in the second year.

The education studies team is committed to ensuring that each student has the freedom to pursue their individual interests and passions whilst choosing a personalised placement that benefits student learning.

We recently caught up with two of our students to hear more about their placement experience.

Ella Lofgren, a second-year student, is on her eight-week placement at an International School in Copenhagen.

“I choose to spend my placement in an international school in Copenhagen as I come from an international background being French, Swedish and Japanese myself. I wanted to experience this in a work environment as I hoped that it would provide me with innovative and inclusive ways of teaching.

“The course team were really supportive with helping me to secure my placement, and were really supportive for us to take the lead which provided me with experience and skills needed for applying for jobs in the future.

“My placement has given me the opportunity to experience what its like to work as a teacher first hand, not only will it aid me in my studies as I will grasp the purpose of education but it will also help me with future placements and work management.

“I have been able to gain more of an understanding in behaviour management and lesson planning, both are key aspects of teaching that are difficult to understand outside of the classroom setting.

“I believe that doing this placement will greatly increase my chances of employability and ease my adjustment into work life once I have graduated.”

Phoebe Fields is a first-year student on a two week placement at the Micro School, Hove.

“I choose the Micro-School in Hove for my placement, with a particular interest working with children ages 4-6 and 7-11 years. A micro-school is a very small school in a house setting rather than classrooms. The children mostly attend two or three days a week and either go to other flexible schools or are home schooled on the days they do not attend.

“I chose this school as I had learnt a lot about child-lead learning in the previous modules and wanted to see it in practice. Child-lead learning is an alternative approach to learning to in mainstream education. The child has a say in what they learn, how they learn it, and when. The idea being that the child must want to learn and be interested in order to actually learn and understand new concepts.

“During my time, I am hoping to experience the pros and cons of a new style of learning I haven’t seen before and gain skills on research methods.  Applying theories to the practical world solidifies your understanding and provides you with motivation, as you can see for yourself on placement how they make a difference.

“The Education BA at Brighton discusses a lot of progressive ideas that push your thinking. Brighton is a great city to study this curse as it’s a progressive city itself. I feel that this course has provided me with loads of opportunities for unique, individualistic, and specific placements.”

The course leader said “One of the great things about placement from a tutors perspective is the wide range of settings our students find and negotiate with. Mainstream schools, special educational providers, alternative provision, youth and community services, mental health and wellbeing.

“The experience brings a richness to our students’ understanding of education and makes the placement modules a joy to be involved with.”

Christina Camm • April 21, 2022

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