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Bronze Athena SWAN Award

We are thrilled that the School of Education has achieved a Bronze Award from the Athena SWAN Charter, recognising our commitment to gender equality.

The Athena SWAN Charter seeks to promote gender equality, representation and progression within higher education and research. A Bronze Award recognises the steps that the schools have taken in assessing data trends, practices and processes and identifying opportunities for developing an inclusive culture that values all staff within a five-year action plan.

The University of Brighton has held an institutional Athena SWAN Bronze Award since 2013. In 2016, it built on this achievement and became one of only a handful of higher education institutions nationally to achieve an institutional award under the new expanded charter. It is now preparing to submit for an institutional Silver Award in the upcoming 2021 round. Following the latest awards round, nine schools hold Bronze Awards and two silver.

Professor Tara Dean, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise), Chair of the Athena SWAN Steering Group and University of Brighton’s Gender Equality Champion said: “I am incredibly proud of the work that these two schools have done in progressing gender equality through their applications and action plans, and I would especially like to thank Sheridan Denis Le Seve who has led this work so expertly within the school.

These highly prized awards are a mark of the progress that we as an institution have made in embedding gender equality, but they are also a roadmap of the work we must do going forward. Since embedding our commitment to Athena SWAN into our institutional Strategic Plan in 2016, colleagues across the university have worked incredibly hard to progress this work within their schools and institutionally, and I am delighted that we now have eleven out of our thirteen schools holding awards.”

Sheridan Denis Le Seve, Athena SWAN lead in the School of Education, said: “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Athena SWAN submission, from the School of Education self-assessment team to the central university teams. We are overjoyed to have achieved our Bronze Award, which recognises the school’s commitment to gender equality. Now the real work starts as we implement our action plan through collectively putting into practice the Athena SWAN principles.

Congratulations to the Brighton Business School for also achieving a Bronze Athena SWAN award.

Christina Camm • May 10, 2021

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