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Senior Lecturer to Speak in Parliament

Dr Marlon Moncrieffe will be presenting in a UK Parliament session tomorrow sharing his research evidence in the formal meeting (oral evidence session): Black history and cultural diversity in the curriculum.

The parliamentary session is a response to two huge public petitions seeking to transform curriculum teaching and learning around race, and particularly with learning about how decolonising the curriculum can help with this.

Dr Moncrieffe was invited to take part following recent online presentations of his research work which is detailed in a new publication, Decolonising the History Curriculum, available next month.

He said: “This parliamentary discussion raises the profile of my research work. Politicians and Policymakers will be drawn to the finer nuances of the public’s argument through my research evidence.”

Dr Moncrieffe will be joined by academics from the University of Manchester and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research who research teaching and learning about migration via the primary school curriculum, and training teachers to become racially literate.

The public session takes place at 2.30pm on Wednesday 18 November and can be watched for free via the UK Parliament website.

Kerry Burnett • November 17, 2020

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