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New publication – Completing Your EdD: The Essential Guide to the Doctor of Education

Congratulations to lecturer Jodi Roffey-Barentsen on her new publication co-written with Iona Burnell, from University of East London entitled Completing Your EdD: The Essential Guide to the Doctor of Education.

Packed with critical information, this essential text guides students through their doctorate, covering key topics from both taught modules and advice for conducting individual research projects.

Coverage includes writing at doctoral level, conducting a literature review, theoretical frameworks, research ethics, the relationship with your supervisor, and more. Bridging theory and practice, chapters include practical, real- life examples taken from EdD students’ experiences and work, as well as extracts offered by practitioners.

Jodi said “From our experience we noticed a gap in the support available for students who have embarked upon a Professional Doctorate. In addition to theory, the publication offers real-life examples from EdD students and practitioners from a range of educational backgrounds and universities. It has been a privilege to work with such highly regarded colleagues!”.

This vital resource is a must- read for any EdD candidate and will remain a go- to guide for qualified professionals working in education and beyond.

Christina Camm • September 30, 2020

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