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Mentoring schemes at Brighton

At the University of Brighton, we offer a range of mentoring opportunities to help you get the most out of your time with us. Our mentoring programmes pair you with a professional mentor and provide an opportunity to boost your confidence and gain extra employability skills.

The Momentum scheme is a mentoring programme designed for:

  • students who have a disability
  • care leavers
  • men in receipt of a bursary
  • mature students
  • black Asian minority ethnic students
  • students in need of a confidence boost.

One of our Early Childhood and Education BA students recently told us how the Momentum scheme has supported them as a mature student.

“As an older student, I found the transition into full-time studies rather challenging. Not only did I have to adapt my daily routines, I suddenly had to juggle a lot of other things, which meant prior planning and receiving support from others.

“I decided to apply for the Momentum Mentoring Scheme, where I hoped to find some additional support. After an initial interview and training, I was paired with a suited mentor, who I meet up with on a regular basis.

“As part of the scheme you sign a contract and agree on goals that you would like to achieve. This forms the plan on how you will go ahead with receiving support. The benefit that I have gained from my mentor, has helped me adapt my thought process in completing tasks. It has also supported my awareness of attitude towards others and guided me in how to achieve a growth mindset.

“My mentor has aided me in developing my reflection skills and highlighted to me the importance of making judgements by using factual analysis. I am still in the early stages of my mentoring program and would recommend this to all mature students that might be struggling to the adjustment to student life”.

For more information about all of our mentoring schemes and how to apply, visit the University of Brighton website.

Christina Camm • May 21, 2020

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