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a smiling Rosie Moore

Sharing good practice

The School of Education Inclusion Steering Group meets three times a year.

The group is formed of academics, students and education professionals with a view to sharing good practice and new initiatives in relation to a broader conception of inclusive practice, and create a reflective space to engage with new ideas and share research.

The final group of the year took place on 26 June, with two foci: mental health and LGBT trainee teachers. Those who attended included lecturers, partners including senior leaders in schools, educational psychologists, local authority professionals, charities, teachers from mainstream and specialist provision, and undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Discussions included:

a smiling Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore said: “It is always a delight to welcome our partners to the group. The reflective space led to stimulating discussions about approaches to well-being and deepened understanding of issues for LGBTQ trainee teachers.

“Participants took away new ideas and as always reported feeling really energised by the meeting.”

Christina Camm • July 11, 2019

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