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Life as a newly qualified teacher

Recent Primary Mathematics Education BA(Hons) with QTS graduate Jegasaini Kumaradevan shares with us how her year as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) is going.

“Since graduating I have been working as an NQT at a primary school responsible for my own year six class.

“At first, I was quite nervous about starting as a full-time teacher. I absolutely loved school-based training and thought it was the best part of the course however the thought of having my own class made me worry. The school was very supportive and I was given the opportunity to go in and work as a supply teacher first which was great as it really helped me settle into the school and allowed me to get my head around the policies in place.

“While completing the supply work, I was able to work with all the pupils in my current year group, which was fantastic for both the pupils and myself as when it came to the new school year I was not just a new face. I was also able to meet my NQT mentor, year leader and team while completing the work, which made me feel very comfortable and ready when it came to September.

“I have also been able to go on a variety of courses through the school, including assessment, growth mind-set and supporting pupils whom are learning English as an additional language. Through attending these courses, not only has this been excellent professional development but it has also provided me with the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other NQTs.

“My highlights so far include taking my class on a trip to the National History Museum and sending balloons for anti-bullying week (one of our balloons was found in Spain!).

“Studying at Brighton was one of the best decisions and I am very proud to be able to say I completed the Primary Mathematics Education BA(Hons) with QTS route. I definitely feel that having mathematics as a specialist subject is something that stood out on my application when applying for jobs and something I felt confident discussing in interviews”.

“I have always dreamt of having my own class and cannot believe that I am finally fulfilling that dream as a full-time teacher.”

Christina Camm • February 19, 2018

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