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PASS leaders awarded

The School of Education would like to congratulate 2nd year students studying the Primary Education with QTS BA(Hons) course on receiving their PASS leader certificates.

Students have been awarded for successfully leading study sessions with first years over the past academic year, providing support with course content materials as well as helping to develop study skills and confidence.

PASS is a student-led initiative set up nationally in 2009 which provides a group learning opportunity, using the experiences of higher year students to support the learning of lower year peers.

PASS leaders receive support by members of staff who supervise and provide training in leadership and facilitation skills at beginning of scheme.

Leaders gain confidence in leadership and organisation skills, group management and time management – all desirable qualities which will help them find employment.

It’s also a good opportunity for them to develop their own skills and techniques as well as recap course material for revision.

Mel Gill, the PASS supervisor for the School of Education said, “the leaders this year were a very committed and enthusiastic group and I hope some will go on to be paid PASS ambassadors in their 3rd year.  Being a PASS leader is a great asset to a CV and really helps with employability. Well done to you all!”

To find out more about the scheme or to become a PASS leader visit the University of Brighton website.


Christina Camm • April 18, 2017

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