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The Education BA(Hons) course at the University of Brighton prides itself on the wide variety of placement opportunities available to students.

The course offers the freedom for students to choose their own path and they are encouraged right from the start to pursue an area of education that they are passionate about throughout their studies and whilst on placement. Placements play a vital role in helping students to develop key skills valued by employers and gain experience in potential career areas.

Students have spent time with organisations such as schools, local authorities, charities and community-led organisations in both the UK and overseas.

HM_Prison_LogoSecond year student Ellie Edwards, has managed to secure a placement based in a London prison. During her eight weeks she will be working with vulnerable and challenging individuals which will help to improve and develop her adaptability and communication skills.

This is an excellent opportunity for Ellie to trail a potential career of interest and gain transferable skills that can be applied to many situations. Ellie will also use her placement for conducting her research project on the curriculum offered to prisoners.

The placement will be an excellent experience to add to her CV and could open doors to a future offer of employment.

Christina Camm • March 9, 2016

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