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On track for the majority of our trainees to be judged ‘outstanding’ at the point of gaining QTS this year

Education_Senior_037Raised expectations and the use of  a wide range of intervention strategies have had a very positive impact on trainees’ performance on placement so far this year.

Analysis of interim placement grades across our primary and secondary courses suggest that the Partnership is on track to meet the targets set on our improvement plan: i.e. for the majority of our trainees to be judged ‘outstanding’ and all to be at least ‘good’ by the time they are awarded QTS.

It is particularly pleasing to see the impact of increased emphasis on ‘pupil progress’ in trainees’ grades for TS2, 5 and 6 and in corresponding comments on trainees’ placement reports.

Find out more about the ITE Partnership’s 2013/14 Priorities and download the 2013/14 Improvement Plan  


Kerry Burnett • April 16, 2014

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