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SciArt visit by international artist

Students on our BA (Hons) Primary Education taking the Year 4 optional module EP604 SciArt: Creative Collaborations had the opportunity of working with an internationally renowned artist who uses science to inspire much of his work.  Professor Rob Kesseler has recently been appointed University of the Arts London Chair in Arts, Design & Science at Central Saint Martins. This three year post will explore the potential to work with students across the university as well as continuing to develop new projects.

Rob talked about the inspirations for his work, showing a gallery of images from his wide-ranging projects. He is probably most well known for his work using electron microscope images of pollen, seeds and fruit. Rob then demonstrated techniques using Indian inks, dyes and pastels, and watercolours which the students then tried for themselves. He used a variety of flowers as starting points.

The students were inspired to use the science department’s digital microscopes to produce their own images from which to produce wax resist pieces. They said:

‘Excellent opportunity to watch SciArt in action!’

‘Amazing experience.’

‘Inspiring way of looking at plants and plant structures.’

‘A motivating workshop – I’m excited to take ideas into the classroom.’

This was then followed up a few weeks later by a visit to Wakehurst Place and the Millennium Seed Bank, where Rob’s work is on public display. Visit Rob Kesseler’s website:


Rob working with the students painting flowers.

Rob working with the students painting flowers.

Rob demonstrating work with dyes and Indian ink.

Rob demonstrating work with dyes and Indian ink.

Jo Knell • March 27, 2014

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