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In collaboration with the Cities, Injustice and Resistance Research and Enterprise Group, the ECR Network organised a workshop for ECRs, bringing together four academic experts in podcasting – Lance Dann, Omar Phoenix Khan, Anne Korfmacher and Dario Llinares – who shared their experiences of producing and publishing podcasts, discussed the benefits and challenges of podcasting as a means of generating and disseminating impactful research. A number of colleagues asked for recording of this workshop, here it is:


Presenters: Lance Dann, Anne Korfmacher, Dario Llinares and Omar Phoenix Khan (online) 10 November 2021.

Find out more about our presenters and their topics:

Podcast studies and academic podcasting: Questions of practice and theory

Dr Dario Llinares, Principal Lecturer in Contemporary Screen Media at University of Brighton 

Dario has been podcasting since 2015 as the co-founder and co-host of the cinematologists podcast. Since then, his academic research and identity has been transformed through his engagement with the medium, as both a theorist and practitioner. In 2018, he published Podcasting New Aural Cultures and Digital Media (with Neil Fox and Richard Berry) and went on to found New Aural Cultures podcast, both of which are foundational outputs in the discipline of Podcast Studies. He is currently working on a new edited collection entitled Podcast Studies: Practice into Theory/ Theory into Practice with Professor Beckstead, with whom he now co-hosts The Podcast Studies Podcast (rebranded from New Aural Cultures). Dario will discuss some of the disciplinary strands and issues that underpin Podcast Studies.

Researching Podcasts: Fan Podcasts & How to Engage your Audience

Anne Korfmacher, PhD Researcher at the University of Cologne

Anne is a podcast scholar and founder of the Podcast PhDs, an international collective of ECRs researching podcasting from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. She is currently working on her PhD project on fan podcasts, specifically the genre of fan commentary podcasts in which fans discuss a variety of pop cultural media texts. She will talk about her research project studying podcast genre from a literary and cultural studies background and raise the question of what we can learn from these fans about how to engage different audience(s).

Benefits and challenges of podcasting for impactful research

Dr Lance Dann, Senior Lecturer Digital and Audio Media at University of Brighton 

Lance will be discussing the use of podcasting and audio as a method of public engagement, and a means to disseminate research and finding to non-academic audiences. He has worked for over 25 years researching, writing about and producing audio dramas and documentaries for the BBC, Audible, and international broadcasters. His current work is focused on the use of audio narratives to engage primary school children with pro-social and positive mental health messaging  – he will use this project, entitled The Rez, as a case study and will outline the benefits and challenges of podcasting as a means of testing and realising impactful research.

Academic podcasting: Conception, production and publication

Omar Phoenix Khan, Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Oxford 

Omar is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Oxford and the creator and host of the ‘Justice Focus’ Podcast. Structured as one-to-one interview with a criminologist or criminal justice practitioner, each episode of Justice Focus aims to be an accessible exploration of the interviewee’s work, passions and hopes for impact. Omar will be sharing his experience of creating, producing and publishing a podcast from scratch.

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