Beauty Bay Company Audit – Blog Post 1:

Beauty Bay is a beauty website with a variety of over 7000 items, and new products being added every week. Beauty Bay’s customers are of all ages and all genders, everyone who shares their love of beauty and makeup. The reason Beauty Bay is such a popular online retailer is due to them stocking brands and products which customers cannot access without having to pay custom charges and taxes. Beauty Bay’s main competitors are Feel Unique and Cult Beauty, these are both online retailers which are also very popular.

When you first enter Beauty Bay’s website the main screen is very overwhelming, although the background is white, and the products are clearly laid out; the home page is filled with what the company is trying to push out. This is the latest collaborations, Christmas edition makeup, there is a lot of colour clashes, it is too much to take in especially the first thing you are greeted with. In relation to Cult Beauty you are greeted with one main collection on the home page which then automatically slides off the page and you are greeted with a new one. The rest of the page is filled with a white background (once again making it clear and easy to see) and other products. This is less overwhelming and a lot better as you can process what is being shown. Similarly, Feel Unique is like Cult Beauty’s homepage with the sliding promotions, yet underneath is more promotions but off a smaller scale. All products on each site, have a star rating given by the customers who previously brought the product, also following a description and ingredients of each item.

Beauty Bay is very clearly laid out, the white background enables the items to ‘pop’ attracting the customers attention. The company’s customer service is rated 4/5* and they also have quick and cheap/free delivery. Several people have made YouTube Videos of their hauls and how good their experiences of Beauty Bay, which is free advertising also for Beauty Bay. Adding to this an issue of Beauty Bay what the other websites do not seem to have is for example, you are on page 3 looking for a particular item, you click on something and when you press back to continue looking you are taken back to page 1; which can be very frustrating. A benefit for Beauty Bay and its customers, it sells products and brands what no other company does in the UK unless you ordered directly from the brands website which you would encounter extra charges. Brands such as Jeffree Star cosmetics.

Customer Journeys:

  Search Discover Purchase Use Share
Mobile App          
Social Media        
In Person        
Chat Support          


 Robert 30 years old YouTube influencer

 Khloe 18 year old university student


Robert being the YouTube influencer, earns his money through social media; meaning he needs to be constantly active and updating his followers with items he has purchased and where. Searching through Beauty Bay’s app, being in constant contact with customer service. Prehaps asking for advice, what to buy for his skin type, latest favourites etc. then goes onto purchasing through the website, using the beauty product in person and sharing online. Showing watchers how to use a product and the best way of application.

Khloe aged 18 spends alot of time online, she knows the ‘best’ websites for what product she wants. Searching on Beauty Bay’s website for an eyeshadow palette she has been wanting for ages. She purchases the product, using in person and realises she has fallen in love with the makeup; she then decides to share it with her friends when they are getting ready.

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