Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a makeup brand, which was created by the beauty entrepreneur herself, Anastasia Soare! The role of the website is brand building, selling their own makeup and beauty essentials; and of course what ABH is most well known for… their brow products!

The Target audience for makeup is for everyone, boys, girls, women, men; of all ages. When you first log onto the website, you are hypnotised immediatley by the large photo of their latest eyeshadow pallete, dripped in jewels and sparkles, with the holographic refraction of light beaming! Once scrolled past this, you have subsections of their latest, hottest products for sale including glitter pigments, lipglosses and building your own eyeshadow pallete. However, this is alot going on for the first main page. Personally, makes me feel a little overwhelmed with products, as I do not know what to click on first! At the bottom of the page, is their contact details, shipping and postage information and prices, plus all their socials.

The website, is very sleek and clean. Only using two simple colours, black and white. Which makes their products “pop” with colour, as their pigments, shadows lip products are all very colourful.

Once finally deciding what section of makeup you wish to look at first, being eyes. They have rows in sets of three and as you are scrolling you are given the options of seeing videos, on how to apply a specific product, in the best way possible. All the models they use are very beautiful! However, their products are either rated five stars of have no stars, which I personally find odd! Of course I hear people talking good about their products; yet one palette of theirs in particular “Subculture Palette” recieved alot of backlash! Where people were really unhappy with the product, and this still has a five star rating.

Coming soon to their website, is “ABH PRO”, it is a yearly subscription. Where you recieve a collection of deals to which no other customer can recieve; it includes 35% discount, pre sale items before any other customer can access.

Overall, the website is very easily accessable, easy to get around and find what particular product you like, whilst getting convinced to buy other products. All their products are clearly presented and enticing.

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