Daily Digital Doodle Details

This is a quick follow up to my previous post: https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/drawingspace/2019/10/05/daily-digital-doodle/

At the end of play of the 31st October we’d had over 7800 submissions via our little widget in studentcentral our VLE.
Many were duplicates, as the user interface maybe wasn’t as clear as I’d have liked.
Some were offensive, some sad, and I have to thank Cathy Frankland who ran the admin side of the tool and cleared out the duplicates, and offensive submissions and worried about the folks feeling homesick.

I’ve collated “safe for work”  images into a short video… well short-ish, around 7 minutes to give an idea of the type of submissions we got.

I suggest you watch it with some thumping music playing, perhaps “connection” by Elastica.

See if you can spot the Phil Tyler contribution.


If you’ve got the drawing bug there are many other online drawing challenges, including our favourites: Google Quickdraw24 Hour comic day and John Vernon Lord’s inch square drawing a day

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