Daily Digital Doodle

As part of the Brighton Big Draw we’ve added a little widget to the Home Tab of studentcentral. One half of the widget is a little sketch pad, which allows you to draw simple lines, change colour, undo or clear the page, and when happy submit the doodle to the gallery. The code was based on a signature pad script which is available on Github (https://github.com/szimek/signature_pad)

doodle widget

The other half of the widget shows the last (approved) image submitted.

I say approved as the desire to draw winkles and whatnot, and the need to screen out duplicates means we screen the images before they get added to the gallery. I just checked and since we started on the 1st we’ve had over a thousand doodles added to the gallery.

There’s a link to the full gallery on the widget. The daily  themes were dreamt up by DREG member Pauline Ridley. Once we’ve completed the month I’ll work out some way to showcase the images on the dreg blog.

the geallery


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