Ruskin, Turner, Stibbon

Yesterday , as part of a celebration of 200 years since the birth of John Ruskin, the DREG hosted a workshop delivered by UoB Lecturer and Royal Academician Emma Stibbon.

In the workshop we attempted some exercises from his book “Elements of Drawing”.

elements of drawing

First was to practice pen control, using a dip pen and black ink, aiming for an even spacing and coverage of a small square.


This proved far harder than anticipated, as the multiple minor twitches of the pen and arm changed the regular pattern.


Next, encouraged by Ruskin’s advice that “if you can draw that stone you can draw anything …everything within reach of art is within yours.”  we drew some Brighton beach pebbles, trying to capture the reflected light and the range of shadow.




Following the workshop Emma gave a lecture on her commission to create a contemporary response to the environmental concerns Ruskin raised. Her work along with the work of Ruskin and Turner form part of an exhibition which ran from 29th March to 23rd June at York Gallery and is moving to the Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, from July 11 to October 5 2019.


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