DRAWGUST18 Brighton themed drawing a day

As readers of Drawing Space will know, Drawing is at the heart of things, and it’s great to get into the practice of drawing, all the time, and sharing that work .

There are a number of excellent drawathons throughout the year like Inktober or 24Hour Comic Day .

Last year the School of Art took part in Inktober, actually it turned out to be Uni wide.

This year, as part of our pre entry activity for our new students we are trialling  “Draw-Gust”, a gentle Summer activity that should act as a warm up for University life.

To coincide with our students online enrolment, and for the last two weeks of August we’ll be running the Draw-Gust Challenge:

  • a daily drawing on the theme of the day,
  • posted online with the hashtag #Brightondrawgust18 

The themes are listed below, along with names of some folk who volunteered to be featured artists, we’ll also check the hashtag and feature what we find on the drawing space site:

Mon 20th August Day 1 Seagulls – Marie McCloughlin
Tues 21st August Day 2 Chips – Louise Hinman
Weds 22nd August Day 3 The Pavilion Rob Englebright
Thurs 23rd August Day 4 Beards – Philippa Lyon
Friday 24th August Day 5 Wind power
Saturday 25th August Day 6 The pier
Sunday 26th August Day 7 Skateboarders
Monday 27th August Day 8 The sea
Tuesday 28th August Day 9 Ice cream – Yvonne Foster
Wednesday 29th August Day 10 Brighton Rock
Thursday 30th August Day 11 Scooters – Marion Curdy
Friday 31st August Day 12 Tattoos

Day1 Seagulls – Marie McCloughlin

drawgust seagulls

Day 2 Louise Hinman Chips

Drawgust chips

Day 3 Rob Englebright – Pavilion

drawgust pavilion

Day 4 Philippa Lyon – Beards

drawgust beards

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