Totally Yurt Project

The 2 week Yurt project in the Grand Parade quad in the Faculty of Arts was the result of a bid from the Fine Art and Performance Art areas. The focus was to build staff relations and develop creative thinking in teaching, learning and research. As part of the timetable of drop-in seminars, conversation and activities over the two week period, DRIG ran three sessions designed to stimulate thinking and debate amongst drawing researchers, as well as offering a place for creative activity for Fine Art/PAVA staff and students generally. These were: a showing of the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams, directed by Werner Herzog (2010) about the Chauvet Cave paintings in Southern France; and two life drawing sessions guided by Patrick Letschka, one of which was accompanied by Conall Gleeson on viola. The model was Libby Hannelle and photographs are by Tom Ainsworth.

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