Celebrating a Collaborative Triumph: Sickle Cell Advocacy and Education


We are thrilled to share an extraordinary collaboration that not only dives into Sickle Cell Disease but also aligns with the University of Brighton’s graduate attributes. This collaborative effort, resulting in the article “Sickle cell disease: causes, treatments and the patient experience” published in The Pharmaceutical Journal, showcases the remarkable contributions of a diverse group of talented individuals:

Adele Spurway – Lead Author and Pharmacy Student

Adele Spurway, a final-year Pharmacy student mentored by Connor Thompson, , brought her research and critical thinking skills to the forefront. Her collaboration showcased effective communication and teamwork skills, crucial for interdisciplinary projects. Adele’s ethical and professional practice in healthcare communication contributed significantly to the article’s impact.

Connor Thompson – Donor Research’s Pharmacy Advisor, and Digital Comms Lead

Connor Thompson is corresponding author, making initial contact with the journal and keeping the team to meet the publishing deadline. Connor is not only a Senior Lecturer for Pharmacy course in School of Applied Sciences he is also Donor Research’s Pharmacy Advisor, and Digital Comms Lead.

Stephanie George – Sickle Cell Warrior and Advocate

Stephanie George, Co-Chair of the Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Support Group, Red Cells R Us, and recognised as one of Sanius Health’s top influential advocates in 2024, played a pivotal role in providing real-world insights into the challenges faced by those with Sickle Cell Disease.

Xin Yi Teo – Illustration Artist

Xin Yi Teo, a second-year BA (Hons) Illustration artist, demonstrated exceptional creative problem-solving abilities. Her collaboration in this interdisciplinary project emphasised the importance of teamwork and collaboration for holistic solutions. Xin Yi’s illustrations not only creatively addressed medical complexities but also showcased advanced presentation and visualisation skills.


Simonne Weeks – Director of Donor Research and Biomedical Scientist

Simonne Weeks, Director of Donor Research and Biomedical Scientist, played a key supporting role in Xin Yi Teo’s artistic endeavors where Xin Yi’s comic mentorship with Sarah Akinterinwa and is now part of another mentorship with WowBagger Productions in 2024. This collaborative approach, integrating medical expertise with artistic expression, exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Published Article

The collaborative article explores the causes and treatments of Sickle Cell Disease while presenting a visual narrative of the patient experience. Access the comprehensive piece here.

University of Brighton’s Graduate Attributes in Action

Adele and Xin Yi’s contributions not only advanced knowledge in Sickle Cell Disease but also showcased the development and application of key graduate attributes as outlined by the University of Brighton.

Join us in celebrating not only the power of collaboration but also the growth and application of critical skills by our dedicated contributors.

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