As I get ready to embark on the next stage of my nursing journey, I continue to find opportunities to deepen my understanding in different areas and expand my skill set.

During my last semester I discovered the prospect of joining a donor research placement, a placement unlike any other to shape and strengthen my experiences as a very nearly qualified nurse.

Why I joined the Donor Research placement:

The donor research placement attracted me for multiple reasons. Firstly, it has provided a unique opportunity to explore a specialized area of nursing that is often overlooked but equally crucial. By engaging myself in the placement, I have gained invaluable insights into the donor journey and problems that arise as donors become needed more than ever. Secondly, the placement offers a chance to work alongside donor research champions and researchers who are at the forefront of the research and awareness. This collaborative environment has expanded my understanding and enhanced my communication skills, acting as a stepping-stone towards becoming a well-rounded and competent nurse.

How Donor Research will benefit my future nursing role:

Participating in a recent podcast has provided a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding organ transplantation and the unique challenges faced by both patients and health care professionals. The confidence participating in the podcast alongside the knowledge of donor research will be instrumental in enhancing my future nursing practice, allowing me to provide holistic care to patients and confidence in starting conversations regarding organ donation. Additionally, the donor research placement will empower me with critical thinking skills and research expertise, enabling me to contribute to evidence-based nursing practices and strengthen my communication skills with patients, families, and members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Learnings from meetings and the Impact on future practice:

Participating in meetings with professionals from diverse backgrounds during my donor research placement has been enlightening. It has provided me with exposure to a broad range of experiences and valuable learning. Not only have these interactions expanded my knowledge base, but they have also allowed me to build a network of supportive colleagues who are passionate about improving patient outcomes. These learnings will shape my future practice by granting me the ability to draw from a wealth of collective wisdom, collaborate effectively, and contribute my ideas to a team of health care professionals in the future.


Joining the donor research placement has been a transformative step in my nursing journey. The invaluable experiences and knowledge gained from this placement will undoubtedly shape my future practice, allowing me to provide comprehensive care to patients undergoing organ transplantation and starting difficult but important conversations regarding organ donation. Combining the power of podcasts and the impactful lessons learned from the meetings, I am confident that my nursing career will be enriched with continuous learning and a dedication to organ donation. With every crucial step I take along this path, my commitment to making a difference in the lives of patients grows stronger, and I cannot wait to start my journey.

Blog by Atlanta, University of Brighton Nursing Student.


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