An Interview with Nicky Arnold on the Importance of Giving Blood and Saving Lives


Chemist turned health and safety advisor, Nicky Arnold, has been working at the University of Brighton for over eight years. She supports academic schools and other departments with managing health and safety concerns, specifically working with the Schools of Applied Sciences, Architecture, Technology and Engineering and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Nicky is also an avid supporter of blood and organ donation, having given her first blood donation at a mobile bus that used to come around her university when she was 19 years old. In a recent interview with Joana and Jana, two students from the University of Brighton, Nicky shared her experience with blood and organ donation. She talked about how she persuaded her partner to donate blood, and he turned out to have valuable blood that is in high demand for neonatal clinics and ambulances. Nicky herself is on the NHS organ donor list and the Anthony Nolan bone marrow transplant register. She believes that everyone should donate if possible. Most people would not hesitate to help a family member or friend in need, and so it can be helpful to think of everyone needing blood as being somebody’s family member.

During a presentation, she shared slides about her experience and how she , including during natural experiences such as childbirth. She mentioned that the NHSBT sends text messages to donors, letting them know where their blood has gone. Nicky enjoys being part of a community of donors and seeing like-minded people at donation centres. She also shared that giving blood was one of the few activities she could do outside of her house during lockdown. Overall, she feels that donating blood is a positive experience for her.

When asked for three tips for individuals wanting to become donors, Nicky suggested starting the process of finding out if you’re eligible, going with a friend, and not being afraid to take the first step. She acknowledged that there may be emotional, cultural, or religious barriers to donating blood and encouraged open conversations to address these concerns.


Most people would not hesitate to help a family member or friend in need, and so it can be helpful to think of everyone needing blood as being somebody’s family member.

Nicky passionately conveyed her commitment to promoting and commemorating World Day for Safety and Health at Work, held on April 28th, 2023. Looking ahead, she expressed her aspiration to support a dynamic initiative – a resurrection of the Blood Donation Bus, similar to the one that started her journey. This mobile facility would actively raise awareness and encourage young, healthy male volunteers from diverse ethnic backgrounds to contribute to the noble cause of blood donation. Nicky underscored the significance of augmenting resources to enhance the appeal of blood donation and foster greater participation, ultimately saving more lives through this selfless act.

Nicky is a passionate advocate for blood and organ donation. Her experience as a donor has been positive, and she encourages others to consider donating as well. She also promotes the importance of blood donation in the workplace and hopes to widen the appeal of donating to include more people from diverse backgrounds. Her dedication to this cause is admirable, and her efforts are sure to have a positive

Call for Action

Consider donating blood regularly to save lives and support patients in need. Contact your local blood donation centre or visit reputable organisations such as the NHS.

Blood and Transplant to learn more about your area’s blood donation opportunities. Your contribution can make a significant difference in someone’s life.


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