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Seeking a potential PhD (doctoral) supervisor via email

Having written a good research proposal (see my other videos)and sorting your CV and finances, is only part of the process of getting accepted to a University for a doctoral study. Having someone on the inside who may help you… Continue Reading →

So what is Grounded theory?

In yet another Council for Hospitality Management Education Seminar, Dr NATALIE HAYNES FROM Sheffield Hallam University explores Straussian Grounded Theory. For a copy of the slides, you can visit: (link to the spirit of philoxenia blog). Natalie has extensive sales,… Continue Reading →

Why use Linkedin to Network any value for postgraduate research students?

  This video is from a session I delivered in November 2019 about LinkedIn. (Video resolution gets better from 0:48 onward apologies for the quality of the first half a minute or so. ). The audience was University colleagues but… Continue Reading →

What is abductive research? A chme webinar that may interest doctoral researchers

For more PhD webinar information and upcoming events join our Hospitality researchers group:… This is the second CHME organised webinar of what we hope to be a focused effort that connects and serves a community of hospitality Doctoral students… Continue Reading →

So what is contribution to knowledge for a PHD? Panel views froma CHME organised webinar

For more PhD webinar information and upcoming events join our Hospitality researchers group:… In this CHME webinar, we cover doctorate originality, the types of contribution to knowledge, positioning your contribution to knowledge, and the role of interdisciplinary thinking in… Continue Reading →

Viva voce success – how to do really well and minimise stress!

  1:20 Viva-voce 3:19 Your publications in Thesis 4:49 the examiners 6:03 rehearse questions 9:01 mock Viva 10:36 time out 11:06 Visit the space 12:40 During the Viva 12:54 Who is the expert? 13:23 Breath 13:39 repeat the question 14:27… Continue Reading →

Completing a Phd at University of Brighton

  A panel of academics, supervisors and students debunk myths about it being difficult to start a PhD – and simplify the process for anyone thinking about doing one.

Advice (videos) for PhD & Doctorate applicants.

Welcome to this Video Blog! The videos and resources are designed to help you increase your chances securing a PhD / EdD / MPhil / MRes place, ideally in our university but not only here! 1. Top TEN MISTAKES to… Continue Reading →

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