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Demystifing the Viva

Although I delivered this webinar for the Council for Hospitality Management Education the truth is that many of the hints and tips in this video should be of use to many other disciplines as well. Link to Ioannis slides… Continue Reading →

What made you start a PhD? Lets hear from Phd Supervisors and students

  I am joined by my University of Brighton colleague Dr Kay Aranda and PhD students Denise Harris and Abraham Kebede to discuss the PhD process in the UK in a more informal way than usual. We hope this discussion… Continue Reading →

Why study at University of Brighton for a doctorate? Myths and Legends of Postgraduate Research Degree

  Dr Ioannis S Pantelidis shares his views and experience as to why you should study for a postgraduate taught or research at the University of Brighton. (This is a short video I made for an open day with some… Continue Reading →

Financing your PhD or Doctorate

Funding your Doctorate, PhD Funding, Scholarships, self-finance and alternative approaches! So you have convinced yourself that a Doctorate is what you wish to achieve so how do you finance it? In this video, I briefly examine a few possibilities using… Continue Reading →

How to best prepare for your PhD Interview:

This video helps you with the work you should do prior to a PhD Interview and what to expect during most PhD interviews. 0:22 Preparing for the Interview 2:03 The Interview 3:18 Key questions to expect. 5:42 Time for you… Continue Reading →

How to write a great PhD or Doctoral proposal & 6 Hints and Tips to get you to Interview stage

Are you struggling to land that coveted interview after trying numerous Universities? Maybe you are doing something wrong. Here I present some thoughts and hints and tips that will help you write a great PhD proposal, the same rules apply… Continue Reading →

How to find the right supervisor!

  Ioannis shares his views as to how to find researchers that could be a good match for your PhD project and could make good supervisors for you. If you have any thoughts or questions about early steps in the… Continue Reading →

Top TEN MISTAKES to avoid during the Pre Doctorate Journey. ( PhD, DBA, EdD, Mphil )

  Here are my thoughts about what you should avoid when considering starting a doctorate 00:00 1. Doing it because of Powerful others 01:10 2. Not having a research area, you are passionate about (allowing others to dictate your thesis)… Continue Reading →

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