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Ioannis S Pantelidis

Financing your PhD or Doctorate

Funding your Doctorate, PhD Funding, Scholarships, self-finance and alternative approaches! So you have convinced yourself that a Doctorate is what you wish to achieve so how do you finance it? In this video, I briefly examine a few possibilities using… Continue Reading →

How to best prepare for your PhD Interview:

This video helps you with the work you should do prior to a PhD Interview and what to expect during most PhD interviews. 0:22 Preparing for the Interview 2:03 The Interview 3:18 Key questions to expect. 5:42 Time for you… Continue Reading →

How to write a great PhD or Doctoral proposal & 6 Hints and Tips to get you to Interview stage

Are you struggling to land that coveted interview after trying numerous Universities? Maybe you are doing something wrong. Here I present some thoughts and hints and tips that will help you write a great PhD proposal, the same rules apply… Continue Reading →

How to find the right supervisor!

  Ioannis shares his views as to how to find researchers that could be a good match for your PhD project and could make good supervisors for you. If you have any thoughts or questions about early steps in the… Continue Reading →

Top TEN MISTAKES to avoid during the Pre Doctorate Journey. ( PhD, DBA, EdD, Mphil )

  Here are my thoughts about what you should avoid when considering starting a doctorate 00:00 1. Doing it because of Powerful others 01:10 2. Not having a research area, you are passionate about (allowing others to dictate your thesis)… Continue Reading →

Advice (videos) for PhD & Doctorate applicants.

Welcome to this Video Blog! The videos and resources are designed to help you increase your chances securing a PhD / EdD / MPhil / MRes place, ideally in our university but not only here! 1. Top TEN MISTAKES to… Continue Reading →

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