Having written a good research proposal (see my other videos)and sorting your CV and finances, is only part of the process of getting accepted to a University for a doctoral study. Having someone on the inside who may help you improve that proposal key. But how do you establish contact with really busy academics and how do you make them listen and consider you over others? These are my thoughts as a supervisor myself and what I d like to see in an email, but despite all that, your email may find its way to a supervisor that simply does not have the capacity for more supervises. If you do not hear back after a week you move to your choice B and then C and so on. As always take my suggestions with a pinch of salt and adjust them to fit your area of research, my bias comes from social science, STEM or even other Social sciences supervisors may require extra bits that I haven’t thought about. Research the web for even more advice stay a critical thinker at all times :). (Apologies for the not so great video quality. This was the first time I experimented with this video set-up lots more for me to learn).

EXAMPLE TEMPLATE: !don’t forget to ADD your style, imagination-creativity-innovation!

Subject Headline: Wishing to study for a ***FULLTIME/PARTTIME *** PhD in *?project title??* with you as a potential supervisor.

Email body:
Dear Professor *Smith*

My name is * xxx* and I am very interested in your research that * xxxxxxx *. I am also very keen to work with you at the University of *xxxxx* because * xxxxxxx excellence or history in that research area perhaps? ****

My *work/study/masters/ug* background (please see attached CV) is * xxxx * and has led me to consider a PhD study because I believe this will * xxxxxxx*

I have developed a proposal for a (FULL TIME/PART TIME) PhD that closely aligns to your research interests. The title of my proposed thesis is * xxxxx * a copy of a draft proposal is attached to this email. Any feedback or advice you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

I understand you are very busy and if you do not have the capacity to supervise my project any advice to communicate to a colleague at your university would be great. I have only written to you and one other colleague at your University (be truthful though).

I have planned my finance and I am in the process of ****applying for scholarships? applying for a loan? *

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to your thoughts and advice.

Sincerely yours
• name & Surname *