For more PhD webinar information and upcoming events join our Hospitality researchers group:… In this CHME webinar, we cover doctorate originality, the types of contribution to knowledge, positioning your contribution to knowledge, and the role of interdisciplinary thinking in contributing to knowledge. This is the first webinar of what we hope to be a focused effort that connects and serves a community of hospitality Doctoral students and we hope that you know that you are not alone and there is a wonderful community of researchers that can help. All you have to do is reach out. Special thanks to Dr Ali Alisha for her input and advice as well as hosting, creating and managing this whole process and Professor Peter Lugosi for his input and advice. For me, as Chair of CHME, it is a privilege and a source of pride to see a dream we have been discussing for some time become reality, especially at a time of uncertainty and increased workload for all colleagues. Thank you to all the participants! We had 85 Doctoral students and colleagues registered with a 50% attendance for this event which suggests to me at least, a real thirst for a community. Join us for the Online conference of CHME 2021 we shall also host a colloquium then. See the last few seconds of the video for details.