1:20 Viva-voce 3:19 Your publications in Thesis 4:49 the examiners 6:03 rehearse questions 9:01 mock Viva 10:36 time out 11:06 Visit the space 12:40 During the Viva 12:54 Who is the expert? 13:23 Breath 13:39 repeat the question 14:27 In the flow Go to this link: http://spiritofphiloxenia.blogspot.co… for 200 Questions you can use to practice for your VIVA! My original intention was to post all 200 questions in the description for easier access but I am afraid YouTube would not allow me such a long description for a video, I am sorry that I have to send you to my blog to access the questions but over there you will also file an easily downloadable pdf as well which I hope will make things even easier for you. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PHD and MERRY CHRISTMAS! (this was an early Christmas Gift to the doctorate community in 2020). For those of you that still do not believe in yourself watch The Last Dragon an 80s Kung Fu movie that taught me as a kid to follow my dreams and never be afraid to prove to myself that I too can be the Master 🙂 Who is the Expert? (say it like you mean it) I AM!