Here are my thoughts about what you should avoid when considering starting a doctorate 00:00
1. Doing it because of Powerful others 01:10
2. Not having a research area, you are passionate about (allowing others to dictate your thesis) 02:16
3. Not researching the indicators of a good University for postgraduate research students (especially researching how good the admin and the supervisory team) 04:13
4. Not researching the University PhD processes 06:58
5. Been charmed by the reputation of the “Greatest” Prof that ever existed. 08:28
6. Not planning you Finance 10:18
7. Not treating the PhD as a Full-time Job 11:07
8. Not using the interview and early interactions with a potential supervisor as early warnings 12:25
9. Procrastinating once you succeed with your interview 13:40
10. Not integrating with the research community and taking advantage of all the extra opportunities. 14:59
There is also some bonus thoughts near the end of the video: A key silly mistake that many do (The Machine Gun Approach – avoid at all costs). 17:46A Note for DBAs or any other non PhD doctorates: I am sorry I call them PhD sins in the video. I should be calling them Doctorate Sins or mistakes, as all these apply to any type of Doctorate you do, but I guess my own bias gets the better of me as I completed a PhD.

What do you think have I missed any key mistakes? Please do add in the comments and let us help the next generations of PhDs in hospitality. Also If you have any PhD related questions add to the comments and I shall try to make a video about each key question or topic when I next get a chance.