Welcome to this Video Blog!

The videos and resources are designed to help you increase your chances of securing a PhD / EdD / MPhil / MRes place, ideally in our university but not only here!

You may also find a series of 15 Doctoral focused mini-films informative Click here for that 15 episode series!

1. Top TEN MISTAKES to avoid during the Pre Doctorate Journey -PhD, DBA, EdD, Mphil.

2. How to Find the right Supervisor:

3. How to write a great research proposal:


4. Prepare for your PhD Interview:

5. Financing your PhD*

* Please note that information about scholarships and financing changes from year to year and particularly due to brexit some of the funding avenues may no longer be available to EU or International students so always check the funder website for the most up to date information.

6. Why study at UoB? Plus Myths and Legends!


7. A Doctorate Discussion – an informal look into the PhD Process?

8. Completing a PhD at University of Brighton (Mythbusting podcast)