Remote thesis submission

Submitting your thesis electronically

You can submit your thesis remotely. When you are ready to submit, please upload your thesis and abstract to PhD Manager via ‘Examination’ > ‘Upload thesis and abstract’ and we will count that as your official submission date. Provided that the examination team has been approved, the examiners will be contacted to arrange a date for the viva.

Vivas can be held online or in-person. The format will be agreed on the basis of what is most suitable for the candidate and examiners. After the thesis has been submitted, please advise the Examination Officer, Ursula O’Toole, if you have a preference for an online or in-person viva.

Every student who is undertaking a viva remotely will be contacted by our Examinations Officer who will explain the process fully and answer any questions.

We use Microsoft Teams for remote vivas. We run separate ‘Teams tests’ with all participants in advance of every online viva to ensure the online technology is working. It may feel a little odd to have your viva online and we totally understand that. Your examiners will too. We are committed to supporting you in this and won’t throw anyone into the ‘digital deep end’.

If you have any questions about your viva, please contact our Examinations Officer Ursula O’Toole on U.O’ And a reminder: at no stage should you or your supervisors attempt to contact your examiners directly.

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