PRDP workshop recordings

Missed a workshop? Want a refresher? Below you’ll find recordings of some of our key Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme (PRDP) workshops. Please note, we generally do not record  the interactive components of our workshops. We also do not record all sessions. Some sessions, for example, are too interactive to be recorded.

Please click the link or the play arrow to watch the workshop recording in Microsoft Stream (log in required).

[P] after the recording title means the video is hosted on Panopto and is publicly accessible. We will be moving more of our recorded content over to Panopto so Suffolk PGRs can access.

Research Skills workshops for early-mid stage students

Research Plan Guidance [P]

play arrowResearch Plan Guidance recording [P] (39.36)
Key content: Doctoral College regulations surrounding the research plan; research questions and hypotheses; a typical Research Plan structure.

Literature Reviews [P]

play arrowLiterature Review recording [P] (37.27 minutes)
Key content: Types of literature review; how to carry out a critical literature review; what examiners look for in a literature review

Research Diaries [P]

play arrowResearch Diaries recording [P] (24.55 minutes)
Key content: Diaries as research tools – why and what they do; taking notes; advantages and disadvantages 

Doctoral Milestones and Managing your Project [P]

play arrowMilestones and Managing your Project recording [P] (54.23 minutes)
Key content: Doctoral Milestones and PhD Manager; an introduction to project management

Working with your Supervisor

play arrowWorking with your Supervisor recording (1 hour, 40 minutes )
Key content: What is supervision?; how to manage supervision; how to make supervision work for you

Structuring your Thesis [P]

play arrowStructuring your Thesis recording [P] (47.08 minutes)
Key content: what is a thesis for?; the rhetoric of the thesis; an ideal typical structure?; examples from different disciplines; who is your audience?

Doctoral Milestones workshops

Preparing for your Primary APR (for early stage students) [P]

play arrowPreparing for your Primary APR recording [P] (22.47 minutes)
Key content: about the APR; requirements of the APR; how progress is assessed; the APR process; APR guidance.

You can also view the latest slides here: Preparing for Primary APR 2021 (22.11.21)

Preparing for your Secondary APR (for mid-stage students) [P]

play arrowPreparing for your Secondary APR recording [P] (45.46 minutes) (updated 13.04.22)
Key content: Information about Secondary APR process and purpose; materials you should prepare, including using PhD Manager; suggestions for discussion exercises.  

Demystifying the Viva (for early-mid stage students) [P]

play arrowDemystifying the Viva recording [P] (37.57 minutes)
Key content: what is a viva?; thesis parameters and expectations; steps towards the viva; what happens in the viva

Further workshops

An Introduction to Research Organisation at Brighton: Futures, COREs and REGs

Futures, COREs and REGs recording (57.41 minutes)play arrow
Key content: Prof Tara Dean introduces COREs and REGsProf Mark Devenney introduces Brighton FuturesDr Olu Jenzen introduces the Centre for Transforming Sexuality and GenderProf Haris Mouratidis introduces the Centre for Secure, Intelligent and Usable Systems; PhD students Abby Barras and Mirika Flegg highlight some of the benefits to be gained from joining a CORE.

Creating your Research Profile on Pure

play arrowCreating your Research Profile on Pure
(33 mins)
Key content: About Pure; what to consider when creating your research profile; demo of editing a Pure profile.

Becoming ‘Open’ Scholars

play arrowBecoming ‘Open’ Scholars recording (45.20 minutes)
Key content: background to the growth of Open Scholarship; examples of ‘Open’ practices; ways we can make these practices part of our research culture in a manageable way.

Maintaining Motivation during your Research Degree

play arrowMaintaining Motivation during your Research Degree recording (1hr 26 minutes)
Key content: why motivation can be hard to maintain for the duration of a research degree; theories of motivation; strategies to boost self-motivation. (This recording includes short workshop activities.)

Navigating the Final Stretch [P]

play arrowNavigating the Final Stretch [P] (1hr 26 minutes)
Key content: the discipline of writing up the thesis; tackling procrastination; dealing with writer’s block; the process of submitting your thesis. 

Research Ethics: BREAM walkthrough

play arrowResearch Ethics: BREAM walkthrough recording (20.45 minutes)
Key content: a walkthrough of BREAM (Brighton Research Ethics Application Manager), the online system for submitting an ethics application.

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