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About the PGR Café

Our PGR (postgraduate researcher) Café is a Teams group for all doctoral students at the University of Brighton.

Launched in January 2022, the PGR Café is a student-led initiative. It offers a safe, welcoming online space for informal video-call chats, discussion threads, community postings, event promotion and more. We hope our PGRs will want to shape and develop the space to suit their needs.

Please visit the group at any time. You can browse, start or join a text conversation, drop into a scheduled chat or see if anyone’s about and start your own meeting.

PGR Café channels


Why not stop by our introductions channel and post a bit about yourself and your research? Or reply to someone who’s already posted there? We hope this channel will be a relaxed way for people to meet each other and perhaps find research connections and shared areas of interest.

Webinar and conference alerts

Got a research event to promote that might be of interest to your peers? Add it to this channel. And check out the postings if you want to see what’s on.

Calls for research participants

Need survey participants? Interviewees? Share details of your call.

Workshop decompression sessions

Sometimes after a workshop, you just want to talk! This channel is for anyone to start a live call following a workshop. You might want to continue conversations from the session, bounce around ideas, seek further clarity from your peers or just chat to wind down as you might do if you were leaving a classroom.

More channels will be added as the café grows. If you have an idea, you can add a channel yourself!

Join the Café now!

Teams join code: wmcs577

Not sure how to use join codes? See our Teams guidance.

All welcome!

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